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Plow PLN-4/5 furrows


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Plows type PLN - 4 and 5 are designed just like the rest of plows to plough with overthrow of swath. The plows have a number of adjustments, which are generally aimed to improve the quality of ploughing.

Description of settings:

1.  Verticality adjustment of the frame is intended to maintain vertically the plow in different conditions. That adjustment can be used for regulation of the plow in such a way as to be horizontal to the ground and not to the tractor in case if tractor's wheel is moving in swath.

2.  We can adjust the width of ploughing by changing the position of each furrow separately and in parallel. That adjustment also changes position of the setting screw that helps to avoid the side thrust. Changing the width of the ploughing allows us to:

  • Work in various weather conditions and on different soil types.
  • Possibility to use one single plow with a variety of tractors with different horsepowers, because of the shrinking opportunity and increased resistance.

3.  In case if the ploughing process is not going in the right way we can adjust the angle of attack for each furrow.

The plow can easily be transformed into a reversible plow. If there is a need for a reversible plow in vehicle fleet of your farm, it is possible to install the left row of furrows on the same plow without any constructive changes and without need to use a stronger class tractor.


1.  The possibility of using in all climatic zones;
2.  The presence of a wide range of adjustments, such as:
  • plow frame position, from the ground;
  • working with of furrows and plow;
  • angle of attack of furrow;
  • processing depth;
  • horizontal adjustment of the frame, to remove the lateral traction.
3.  The possibility of adapting in reversible plow;
4.  Special construction of the cutter, from two parties, essentially increase the exploitation time of the knife;
5.  Due to sarmayt cladding of chisel, during its use, takes place the process of self-sharpening;
6.  Distance from support surface of furrows until frame surface is equal to 600 mm;
7.  The stand of furrows is caught to the plow frame by a safety bolt.  
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